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Carolina Impact – STEMersion

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CMS school teachers got to participate in the second annual STEMersion event. STEMersion is a program that allows STEM teachers to visit different types of businesses that use science, technology, engineering and math...

GoSol Power – MP Promo

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GoSol MP is the latest in clean energy technology. It's a completely self-contained, transportable power system that converts the sun's energy to electricity. Using advanced solar tracking technology, MP provides sile...

RECON Success Story – Bridgestone

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RECON, a division of Livingston and Haven, worked with Bridgestone on reducing their energy consumption at their Aiken manufacturing facility. Watch the video and hear from Matt Maynard, Bridgestone's Plant Manager, o...

GoSol Power – Oasis Infomercial

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Mel Radford of GoSol Power talks about the GoSol Power Oasis; a water purification system that can be used to produce purified drinking water during ecological catastrophes. The Oasis can remove chemicals, bacteria an...

GoSol Power SC – Promo

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GoSol SC is the first solar powered portable charging table that allows users to charge their electronic devices on-th-go. SC provides grid-free, clean energy by harnessing the power of the sun. It's completely self-c...

The Mission of GoSol Power

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GoSol Power is about more than developing a successful product line. Mel Radford discusses the altruistic mission of GoSol Power.

RECON: Energy Efficiency Webinar

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Livingston & Haven's RECON Group has a new SmartAP system that can reduce your compressed air usage and improve the performance of your compressed air actuators. Watch the webinar to learn more about what the Smar...

GoSol Power: Alternative Solutions to Our Fragile Grid

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An explanation of where the electricity that we use daily comes from. The infrastructure known as the Grid is a fragile and antiquated network of utilities and technologies that are seldom updated and and serve an eve...

Get to Know Clifton Vann

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Clifton Vann is a small business owner in Charlotte, NC who is dedicated to revitalizing U.S. manufacturing and increasing awareness of the importance of STEM education. Check out this video to get to know Clifton Van...

Shop Talk – Fitting Thread Identification – How to identify your fitting’s thread type

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Rick explains and demonstrates the step-by-step process of thread identification.

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