Brian Van Laar demonstrates Bosch Rexroth Safety Systems at the IWF, International Woodworking Fair.


Hello, my name is Brian Van Laar. I currently work for Bosch Rexroth and we are here today at the IWF fair in Atlanta, Georgia and today, we’d like to introduce you to a few of our products. One of the feature technologies Rexroth brought to this fair this year is Rexroth safety. We have three different levels of safety. The first level of safety is the safety on board, right on the drives. This safety on board came out in the mid 2000s. Rexroth was one of the first in the world to put category safety right on the drive. When we talk about safe motion, a lot of our competitors talk about safe torque off. That’s only one feature that is within Rexroth’s feature set of safe motion on the drive. We have over sixteen different safety items within the drive. That was a test of I was within the zone for over thirty seconds and it flagged me. Another feature we have is the safe logics compact. This is newer for us. This is about a year old, year and a half old, and it sits safety over Sercos, so it’s actually using the Sercos bus to run the safety network as well. This is compact and it’s more like a distributed I O network. It’s something that you can put out on the machine, close to the I O and that runs its own ladder program. So the beauty about that type of safe logics compact is the fact that only that particular lines of code need to be certified. So, it’s very easy to program, it’s very easy to setup, it’s very quick to setup and you have a complete safe zone using safe logics compact.

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