Brian Van Laar demonstrates Bosch Rexroth Safety Systems at the IWF, International Woodworking Fair (Cont.)


I’d like to describe to you a little bit what’s going on at this kiosk. At this kiosk, we are featuring our safe logics and our safety on board with the drives and currently they’re being communicated through Sercos and running safety over Sercos. I have two different zones here. One which is governed by a light curtain very similar to what you would see at any other manufacturing operation. What’s happening here is, say an operator or somebody breaks a light curtain, what should the machine do? The machine should stop. In previous technologies, the machine would stop, the motor would release its torque and you would normally have to start all over again, rehoming the machine, starting the machine up, starting a whole new cycle over. In this case, since our safety technology allows you to keep full torque on the motor, the operator can come back outside the light curtain, start it up and the machine is operable once again. This technology is done either done with category three or category four certified safety. I have another safety zone here and this is governed by a locked guard door and if an operator would like to go in and set something up, either jog the machine to see how its running, in the years passed, that would be kind of hard, with our safety technology, we allow the operator to do so. For the operator to release the door, he would press the E-stop. This now releases a door. It shows the operator that we are in safe mode. You can open up the door and walk into an area now that is safe and can jog safely and the speeds of this jog would be governed my a complete risk assessment which Rexroth could help start but that’s mainly done by the operator who understands the machine. Once the operator has completed his task, he can close the door, release the E-stop and start the operation all over again. If you would like more information on Rexroth safety, you can go to Thank you.

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