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HFI: Musical Chairs – Where Do Manufacturers Make Their Product?

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Clifton addresses this issue of musical chairs, where companies make the sometimes ill advised decision to move their manufacturing operations offshore to save on labor costs, only to return later when other variables...

Herb Meyer – “What in the World is Going On: Global Intelligence Briefing for the L&H Sales Team”

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LHTV - The Executive Team of Livingston & Haven asked Herbert E. Meyer to deliver the key note speech for this year's President's Day event in an effort to help the Company understand the geopolitical trends of a worl...

Clifton Speaks at TEDxCharlotteED – “Have We Quit Dreaming?”

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Clifton was recently given the opportunity to speak at TEDxCharlotteED.

Get to Know Clifton Vann

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Clifton Vann is a small business owner in Charlotte, NC who is dedicated to revitalizing U.S. manufacturing and increasing awareness of the importance of STEM education. Check out this video to get to know Clifton Van...

Clifton Vann Speaks at the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce about the “Skills Gap” and STEM Education

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Clifton and other Charlotte business leaders spoke at the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce about the "Skills Gap" that companies are facing when seeking qualified employees. When the Country faces high unemployment and c...

Clifton’s Experience with FIRST Robotics

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Clifton talks about his experience as a judge for First Robotics and the importance of organizations that expose kids to STEM related activities.

We The People: Taking Initiative to Solve Our Own Problems

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Clifton spotlights Richard Turere, a young man from Kenya who had a lion problem and instead of waiting for someone else to solve it, took the initiative and came up with an innovative solution.

Innovation vs. Replication

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Clifton discusses the importance of innovating as opposed to just replicating; a concept that it would seem the Chinese have embraced in a way.

Addressing the Human Resource Cliff

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Clifton addresses the human resource cliff that we face in U.S.

Message from a Business Owner to Students and Parents of Students

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Clifton discusses the issues facing graduates with four-year degrees who face high unemployment and student debt burdens. There are alternatives for students and parents of students to consider.

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