Jeff Erickson V.P. Sales & Service of Komo presents the Fusion Series from Komo at the IWF, International Woodworking Fair and acknowledges various Bosch Rexroth components.

Yeah, what you see behind us here is our fusion series of machine. It’s one of our highest speed, highest performing machines and we use the Bosch Rexroth product on all three axes of this machine. We used 35mm ball rail on the X and Y axis, 45 mm ball rail on the z-axis and we incorporate Bosch Rexroth ball screws as well in all three axes. We use 50 mm diameter by 40 mm rotating screw in, rotating nut rather, in the X and Y axis and a 25 mm rotating screw in the z-axis. All of this helps us to achieve rapid traverse rates of 3150 inches a minute and acceleration rates in excess of 200 in./s squared. It’s actually used in a wide variety of applications. Of course we’re here today demonstrating this machine in a variety of wood applications but we also sell into the plastics and acrylics industry composites and we sell into aerospace as well; so, we’re selling this machine into high end aerospace applications cutting aluminum, aluminum extrusions as well as sheet goods plate goods and we actually use the machine world process as well to cut various aluminum components.

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