Wouldn’t it be nice if you could use fresh water streams & creeks as an clean water supply in the event of an emergency? Watch Will Wood demonstrate the ability of GoSol Power’s Oasis portable reverse osmosis water purification system as he converts fresh water from a local stream into clean drinking water. In this video, Oasis uses a 120 W foldable Solar panel (Sold Separately) to power the onboard pump/motor.

Buy an Oasis water purification system today to turn local streams & creeks into a potable water supply!

Oasis is a portable water purification system that uses reverse osmosis technology to create a clean water drinking supply by filtering out water contaminations and pollutions. In the event of an emergency or natural disaster, an emergency water supply is imperative to survival. Common situations that threaten our water supply are hurricanes, tornados, floods, mudslides, and chemicals in water. Don’t wait until the next catastrophe strikes to decide that you and your family need an emergency water supply. GoSol Oasis’ four-stage reverse osmosis system filters out bacteria, chemicals, and other contaminants to provide you with safe drinking water.

Learn More about GoSol Oasis @ http://gosolpower.lhtech.com/oasis

Buy Oasis on Amazon @ http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00I519ARU/

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