Dan Schaffer, Phoenix Contact’s Business Development Manager for Networking and Security, tells us briefly about the mGuard Secure Cloud service.

Supporting your customers and industrial equipment can be a costly, complicated and time-consuming task. Sending technicians on-site is expensive and inefficient, dial-up modems are way too slow for today’s needs, and dealing with your customer’s IT department can be frustrating. The mGuard Secure Cloud™ from Phoenix Contact solves this problem with an easy, cost-effective and reliable solution for OEMs and machine builders, allowing them to talk securely over the Internet to equipment such as PLCs, HMIs, etc. all over the world.

The Secure Cloud uses a VPN tunnel from your machines using FL mGuard hardware and another tunnel from your technicians to create a secure link, allowing fast and reliable communication. Using the Secure Cloud is easy because Phoenix Contact acts as your IT department, building the configurations for hardware and software for you, based on a few pieces of information you provide, such as the IP network your machine uses. Because the communication is over TCP port 443, the same port you use to browse to your bank website or shop online, it isn’t blocked by firewalls.*

The mGuard Secure Cloud servers are housed in a state-of-the-art data center with 24x7x365 monitoring to ensure maximum reliability. Together with the proven FL mGuard IPsec VPN technology, this guarantees confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of all information and data transmitted between the user and the industrial system.

Use of the mGuard Secure Cloud service is free! For your machines to communicate, you only need to purchase our mGuard hardware or Phoenix Contact modems. Your technicians will need to use mGuard hardware or an approved software VPN client. Why pay for an inferior, slower or less secure solution when you can use Phoenix Contact’s mGuard Secure Cloud service for free.

For more information on mGuard Secure Cloud or any of Phoenix Contact’s full line of innovative products and technology, please contact us at LHTV@livhaven.com.

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