Tim Gillig delivers his message regarding the importance of the FPDA, including benchmark reports and an overview for its service partners.



Good afternoon! My name is Tim Gillig, the president of Livingston and Haven, as well as, the incoming president of the FPDA and I want to welcome you to this video. Our topic today is what value does FPDA bring to its members and the biggest value that we bring is our annual summit or symposium that’s held every September. We typically try to find a warm sunny location that’s close to the ocean, has an airport, a major airport near so it’s easy to get in, it’s easy to get out, but that’s really not the value we bring. The value is attending the meeting where over 150 distributors from across the country will be attending as well as over 60 of our key manufactures. So where can you get that value where you can meet with your manufacturers as well as distributors from across the country in one visit? Very efficient use of your time. In addition, what I also get a lot of value out of our symposium is the educational opportunities. The UID in a day and we’ll talk about UID in a minute but what I get out of that is getting away from my office, having some time just to think about my business and I typically will get 3 to 5 great ideas out of the educational opportunities in UID of the day. I can take that back in my business planning for the years to come. The last thing that I get out of symposium is the keynote speakers. Two years ago, I heard Herb Meyer talk about the logistics of population growth in the world and how that was going to affect economic growth worldwide and the message resonated so well with me I asked Herb to come and give that same message to my sales management team here Livingston haven in the spring of 2014. So, there is value we bring beyond our symposium and it starts with its education. The UID is a perfect example of an educational opportunity that we bring to all of our members. UID stands for University of innovative Distribution and as my colleague Gordon Weiler says, it’s like an MBA for Distribution. UID starts on Sunday and ends on Wednesday. It happens in March in Indianapolis and there’s a curriculum for any facet of your business: HR, operations, sales, management. We send at least 3 to 5 people every march to UID it’s that valuable to us. In addition to educational opportunities our membership is exposed to professional sales training, Don Buttrey and his four pillars sales training is a great two and a half day boot camp that you can send to any of your salesman. After I heard him speak in Sarasota last year, I sent three of my salesman to his training in November and we were so pleased we’re going to have Don speak at our next sales meeting in February 2015 and I’m going to be sending two or three of my salesman every six months until I catch up; but beyond education and training, our membership is also exposed to benchmark reports. Reports like our profit report, compensation survey, snapshot survey, these are all tools that you can use to benchmark your performance against distribution across the country. Where can you get that value? I don’t know anybody else that has that. In addition, we partner with Cleveland research for a monthly key economic indicator report. It gives us information on key markets as well as a snapshot of the economy; and last, we partner with many business services to give you discounts on those services things like: service first leading provider of credit card ACH check processing services, profiles international offers assessment solutions that enable organizations to select the right people and develop them to their full potential. Livingston & Haven began as a simple distributor 67 years ago. We were selling valves and hoses and meters into the newly developed filling station industry that cropped up after World War II. We transformed into this high-tech fluid power, automation, motion control, lubrication, hose fitting and connector distributor. We provide innovative productivity solutions for our customers. We make our customers more competitive in the markets they serve and we couldn’t have done that, we couldn’t have made that transformation without the vision of the FPDA and I venture to say the next 67 years we’re going to continue to transform into something different in the FPDA is going be right there helping us transform into that next Livingston & Haven. So, if I could boil it down into two words the value FPDA brings to Livingston & Haven as well as distribution and a whole, it’s business sustainability; and if you haven’t been to one of our meetings in a while or you’ve never been to one of our meetings, I strongly urge you to come to New Orleans in September and see what it’s all about. All the information for the meeting is on our website. Thanks for watching the video and I look forward to seeing you in New Orleans in September.



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